Lighting & Shading

Craft your custom environment

Lighting and shading transform living spaces from “nice” to “ahhh… this is more like it!” Set the perfect mood with just one touch. Have a “morning” button flood the house with soft, early light. Choose “siesta” and temper the hot afternoon sun so you can snooze comfortably. Select “movie night” and have the lights automatically dimmed just the way you like them. Off to bed? Light your path there while the rest of the house darkens.

Want more convenience? Here’s a no-touch solution: our custom-designed Crestron control systems can automate your lighting and shading to react to sun and heat conditions, maintaining an ideal indoor setting while conserving energy.

Add more style by choosing how you interact with your control system. Choices range from decor-friendly touchpanels (wall or tabletop) to tablets and smartphones.

Want even more control? Access your system remotely and control it for welcoming or security purposes.

Our control systems feature the power of the Crestron family of processors and products, including installer-friendly shades and drapery. Pick from their range of attractive quality fabrics or opt to use your own.

If expansion is on your mind, rest assured that rooms and zones can always be added. For the ultimate luxury experience, consider incorporating digital audio and video into the same system, with similar control and automation, accessible from the same screens or panels.

In finer homes and aboard luxury yachts, any area benefits from the convenience, efficiency and elegance of MDG lighting and shading solutions while you benefit from our 25-plus years of control system design experience. Contact us to learn what we can do for your situation.