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Bob Horn
For 25 years, MDG founder, president and technical virtuoso Bob Horn has been designing and engineering custom “one-touch” control systems for a discriminating residential and marine clientele, from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean to the Tasmanian Sea.

In that time, technology, capabilities and choice have expanded immensely. But instead of creating ever more complicated systems, Bob chose to focus on their simplicity – simple to use, simple to modify, simple to expand. And that’s where the sophistication comes in.

Designing such a system, one that performs exactly as expected, one that’s been trained to understand how you want to live – that, ladies and gentlemen, is no easy feat. But if that’s what you’re looking for, then that’s just what you’ll get from Bob Horn and MDG.

Vicki Shand Horn
For as long as Bob has pursuing the ultimate Crestron control system, vice president Vicki Shand-Horn has been making the experience of wanting, specifying and then using the perfect control system equally as easy and problem-free. Project management and concierge customer service are her own areas of expertise.

The harmony and the synergy of these veteran specialists, and the notable talents of their staff, is what makes MDG the go-to team for residential and marine control system projects of any scale.

To further serve our yachting clients, we’ve launched MYM Systems Inc. to address any and all alarm and monitoring systems (AMS) needs that any modern MY vessel requires. Find out more about their range of key abilities.

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