Security, Alarm & Monitoring

Ensure and verify that all is well

On land or at sea, home is where your loved ones and your valuables reside, defining what’s important to you. That’s why we also incorporate your safety and security into our custom-designed control systems. You’ll be the true master of your domain, your property secured, in complete control of all systems’ status, including entryways and hatches.

As with our signature entertainment systems, simplicity is the goal and the reward. From any room or cabin – even poolside and above decks – you can easily monitor any sensored system or device imaginable, from engines and HVAC, to shore power converters and generators, to motion detectors and security cameras.

Information on demand is great, but when you’re sleeping, relaxing or busy with other concerns, you want to know what needs immediate attention. Alarms do just that, alerting you to any number of predetermined conditions that you’ve deemed critical.

Options for access points to your alarm and monitoring system are numerous, from hard-wired wall panels to wifi smart devices like phone and tablets. With an internet connection, you have the same use of the system but from any remote location. Now you have the power to arm and disarm your security at will or create the illusion of an occupied home when you’re away.

All custom control systems from MDG are expertly engineered to respond to, and even anticipate, your needs. With decades of experience designing Crestron systems in residential and marine settings, we can build anything from the ground up or on top of any existing infrastructure.

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