Electronic Entertainment

We help you enjoy your free time

Home entertainment is for entertaining you – not frustrating you with technical problems like blank screens and loss of control.

Instead, start enjoying the simplicity of a one-touch control solution from MDG. Right now, aboard luxury yachts and in finer homes, people are enjoying movies, watching television and listening to their favorite music. By the pool with friends, in the living room with family, or at the end of the day in bed, people are happy and content with their custom MDG systems that simply work as expected.

MDG entertainment control systems are carefully designed, meticulously engineered and thoroughly tested. We’re masters of digital media (Crestron certified!) so we take care of the details, large and small – like how data retains its integrity as it navigates the network, how the devices talk to one another and – most importantly – how the system responds to your requests.

Our clients aren’t interested in debugging communications and protocols. They’re not interested in what-wires-connect-where or in entertainment that only sometimes works. Yacht owners and homeowners come to us for our reputation – a thorough, creative and “futureproof” approach to any project. Following a careful analysis of need, we recommend equipment from trusted manufacturers and where applicable, even preserve your current technology assets. Then we orchestrate every aspect of their behaviors to your liking.

The management of such projects a living, breathing process that includes you and respects your schedule. Count on us to keep you informed on progress and to answer any questions. Whether yours is an all-new system or one that’s being modified or expanded, we’re always available, remotely or in person, at your convenience. It’s what we call concierge service and it’s all designed and engineered for your satisfaction. Contact us anytime with your electronic entertainment questions.